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Hate Is A Strong Word


Mischa tries hard, she really does. Between college applications and homework her social life may suffer a little bit, but she never gets into trouble with anyone. Except for Anna, who doesn’t try at all, that is. With her snarky attitude and bubblegum hair she seems to have made it her mission to make Mischa’s life difficult.

When an unexpected turn has the two end up spending more time together than they would’ve liked, they are driven to explore their mutual dislike for the first time. From there, it takes a lot of help from their exasperated friends, a well-meaning teacher, and a bit of alcohol for them to gradually learn to tolerate each other, only to find that they have a little more in common than originally thought.

But if you think Anna’s going down without a fight, well, think again.


  • 55826 words
  • About 223 pages
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